Promoting Wellness

For Students, Staff, and Family

   School District U-46 convened a wellness committee in April of 2006 to help develop and implement a school wellness policy, and to assure that the requirements of the school wellness policy are being met.  The wellness committee continues to meet to discuss changes in the law that may make an impact on school wellness.  As laws are modified and as new laws are enacted, the wellness committee is there to ensure that District stakeholders are aware of the changes in the law, and that the District is set to meet all of the requirements.

     Moving forward, the committee shall continue to communicate all items detailed in the District’s wellness policy to school administrators.  The committee will communicate its future goals in the four specific wellness components: 1) Food and Nutrition, 2) Physical and Health Education, 3) Health Services, 4) Wellness Activities.  Additionally, the committee will be making suggestions on how to create local wellness committees at each of the District’s schools to monitor wellness strategies.  Lastly, the committee is in the process of creating an intranet wellness portal; therefore, allowing easy access of wellness information for all District employees.

               U-46 WELLNESS POLICY        

U-46 School District recognizes the positive relationship between good nutrition, physical activity, and the capacity of students to develop and learn. To that end, student wellness shall be promoted through the District's educational programs, activities, and  meal programs.


Full text of Wellness Policy  U-46 WELLNESS POLICY





Food and Nutrition

Physical and Health Education 

 Health Services     

 Wellness Activities                                     

REVISED 12-6-13 

Bringing breakfast to our students: a program to increase school breakfast participation.

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