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U-46 80:20 Dual Language

Program Design

U-46 80:20 the Dual Language Program model serve Spanish-speaking English Language Learner students in grades PreK through fourth in thirty elementary schools which have the ELL Program, including the two Early Learners Centers. Students need to have met ISBE’s eligibility criteria to receive English Language Learners’ (ELL) services in Spanish according to the Illinois Administrative School Code 228 in order to be entitled to receive services in the Dual Language Program.


In addition, Native-English speakers and English-dominant students participate in the Two-Way (TW) Dual Language Programs at eighteen (18) of the thirty schools that currently have the ELL Program in Spanish in grades kindergarten through third. For a complete list of the schools with Dual Language Programs, please click here.




2014-2015 80:20 Dual Language Interest Forms for students entering kindergarten or 1st grade in 2014-2015. 

2014-2015 Dual Language Interest Form - English - click HERE




2013-2014 Dual Language Interest Form - English (click here) 


Declaraciones de Interés para el Programa de Lenguaje Dual 80:20 para estudiantes que ingresan al kindergarten o 1er grado en el año escolar 2014-2015.


Declaración de interés para el Programa de Lenguaje Dual 80:20 2014-2015 - Español - Haz clic AQUí




Declaración de interés para el Programa de Lenguaje Dual 2013-2014 - Español (Haz clic aquí)

 SOMETER EN LÍNEA: Haz clic aquí 

  Dual Language Informational Meetings Dates 2013-2014 

Reuniones informativas sobre el Programa de Lenguaje Dual en el año 2013-2014 


U-46 80:20 Dual Language Program Brochure (English)- Click here

Folleto del Programa de Lenguaje Dual 80:20 del Distrito Escolar   U-46 - Haz clic aquí






 Two-Way Dual Language Satellite Schools 2013-2014 - Click here for the established feeder pattern for the Two-Way Dual Language Satellite Schools. 



   Watch the story of U-46 80:20 Dual Language Program on Univision. Click on the icon to view it.

 Vean la historia del Programa de Lenguage Dual 80:20 del Distrito Escolar U-46 en Univisión. Presione en el ícono para verla.

As linguist Lily Wong Fillmore wrote: "When parents are unable to talk to their children, they cannot easily convey to them their values, beliefs, understandings, or wisdom about how to cope with their experiences. They cannot teach them about the meaning of work, or about personal responsibility, or what it means to be a moral or  ethical person in a world with too many choices and too few guideposts to follow. What is lost are the bits of advice, the consejos parents should be able to offer children in their everyday interactions with them. Talk is a crucial link between parents and children: It is how parents impart their cultures to their children and enable them to become the kind of men and women they want them to be. When parents lose the means for socializing and influencing their children, rifts develop and families lose the intimacy that comes from shared beliefs and understandings."