VPAA / Fine Arts Division 

The Fine Arts Department at Larkin High School provides students an opportunity to create through exploring various disciplines within the fine arts world. Students have opportunities to take classes, taught by highly qualified educators, in art, choir, instrumental, and drama. These classes range from semester long to year long courses. Most classes offer advanced levels to provide the student additional rigor and opportunities to grow within that art.

The Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VPAA), housed at Larkin high school, provides students a unique and rewarding arts’ enriched high school experience. Students have the option of auditioning for one of five focus areas: Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Instrumental, & Vocal.

Please take a look at the tabs on your left and discover more information about each of these focus areas and discover more information about the Visual and Performing Arts Academy/Fine Arts Division.

Todd Duty
Visual and Performing Arts Academy/ Fine Arts Divisional 
Activities Director
Larkin High School
Ext. 5214