to call your counselor dial 630-213-5500 and their extension 
Staff  Position  Student Name extension
 Mrs. Phillips  Counselor  A - Cl  4936
 Mr. Shaw  Counselor  Cm - G  4931
 Ms. Lara  Counselor  H - Mb  4934
 Mrs. Steinbeck  Counselor  Mc - Rd  4930
 Mrs Wright  Counselor  Re - U  4937
 Mr. Vega  Counselor  V - Z and all ELL  4935
 Mrs. Berry  Social Worker  A-L  4941
 Mrs. Doerr  Social Worker  M-Z  4942
 Ms. Gosinski  Guidance Secretary    4932







Streamwood Counseling


Representatives from colleges around the country visit Streamwood High School to talk about their schools.  These vists are a great way to learn about colleges generally, and these schools specifically. We encourage any of our Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors to visit with these schools. To do so, see Mrs. Gosinski in Guidance to get a pass! 

Date Time College City / State
Monday, November 10 1:10 pm University of Iowa Iowa City, IA
Tuesday, November 18 8:35 am Northern Michigan University Marquette, MI
Tuesday, November 25 10:25 am Elgin Community College Elgin, IL


THE CAREER CENTER: Looking for help with college applications? Career searches? Scholarship opportunities?  The Career Center, located right by the cafeteria, is open 4th-6th everyday! Not only that, on Tuesdays, Danielle Wright from the Illinois Student Assistance Commision (ISAC) brings her expertise to Streamwood 4th-7th hours!

SCHOOL PROFILE. Download a copy of our current school profile HERE.

SCHOOL CODE. Streamwood High School's ACT / ETS Code:  144038.

A.V.I.D. (Advancement Via Individual Determination): 

Your School Counselors at Streamwood works closely with the AVID program! For more information on AVID, click HERE.

Financial Aid

How to apply for Financial Aid
1. Fill out the Federal Financial Aid Form (FAFSA) online in January 1st every year at
2. OBSERVE DEADLINES! Be sure to make and keep a copy for yourself.
3. Be sure to save a copy of your tax return and also your parent's tax return for IRS verification.
This document is a list of all the information you will need to complete the FAFSA.

We urge you to visit the Federal Student Aid Website  and complete the FAFSA application online as soon after January 1st as you are able.

Senior Year Check List

  - Review graduation requirements, GPA and class rank.
   - Finalize the list of colleges/trade schools to which you want to apply.
   - Check the daily bulletin, calendar of events on our school's Guidance website and Guidance display case for college and trade school representatives who will be visiting.
   - Sign up to take the ACT or SAT if you have not done so or if you have not achieved the score you wish.
   - File an early graduation form with your counselor if you plan to graduate early.
   - Start preparing for the application process by completing your senior information sheet and requesting catalogs and applications.


  - Attend college night at E.C.C. if you have not selected a college/trade school.
   - Request recommendations and give teachers and counselors the forms.
   - File early-action and early-decision applications.
   - If not applying early, file applications for schools with early deadlines.
   - Fill out a request for transcript form in the Guidance office.
   - If you haven't already visitied colleges/trade schools, take advantage of upcoming holidays to do so.

  - Begin to research scholarships. Check the daily bulletin and scholarship websites.
   - Write and polish any required essays


   - Take the SATII if its required by your college.
   - If you are planning on attending E.C.C. come to the Guidance Office to pick up a catalog.
   - Turn in all applications to your Guidance counselor and make sure transcripts are sent.
   - Begin to work on your financial aid forms after you and your parents compute your respective income tax forms.
   - Be sure that all forms, recommendations, and test scores are on file at the institutions to which you'd like to be considered for admission. Continue to watch for local scholarships.
   - Send mid-year grade reports to college/trade school that have requested them.
   - Keep your grades up. College acceptance is only conditional and bases on continued good performance.
   - Make sure that you have submitted the financial aid form that your college requires.

   - Expect to hear from colleges/trade schools that have requested them.
   - If you plan to attend E.C.C., attend the field trip.
   - Take the placement tests required by E.C.C.



   - Review college/trade school acceptance and compare financial aid offers.
   - Decide which school to attend, send in your deposit and notify other colleges/trade schools of your decision.
   - If you have not done so, attend the career fair at E.C.C.
   - Take advantage of the orientation and registration program at E.C.C. if you plan to attend
   - Fill out the appropriate form with the Guidance or Main Office secretary to have your final transcript sent to the college/trade school you plan to attend next fall.

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