As I am sure you know by now, in spite of weather delays, we were finally able to celebrate the 100th day of school on Tuesday! Woo-hoo!! We had fun counting and playing games. Thanks for your cooperation in helping your child count out 100 snacks. It was great to mix it all together and enjoy it. We also began distributing our Valentines. We decorated our bags and laid them out in ABC order. If your child hasn’t brought in his/her cards, please have them in no later than Feb. 12th. We are celebrating Valentine’s Day with our parties on Friday, the 14th. 
Parent Conference notes went home on Friday, if we have not met please check your child’s backpack for my note. Please return the bottom portion of the note to confirm your time.
 We continue to work on learning the short vowel sounds for both reading and writing. We are doing more “independent” writing in class. You can support your child’s learning by having him/her write note, messages, lists, sight words, etc. at home.
We didn’t make it to the gym this week, but we’ll go next week for sure. We are still preparing for the Kinder-Olympics coming up in May.
The snow keeps coming, but at least we’re having a few more minutes of daylight each day! Enjoy your weekend.

Sight Words: the, here, is, a, I, an, see, and, he, we, she, look, big, small, have, this (and color words)