Dear Parents and Friends, 

Often parents wonder about the basis of our TUB TIME (math). Much of what we do is based on the NCTM Standards. Take a few minutes to read WHY we do what we do in class. We think you will be both informed and impressed.

Introduction to the Math Standards

Why spend so much time on Patterns (algebra)?

How does graphing (data analysis & probability) build skills?

Thanks for taking time to read over these pages.

The U-46 Curriculum is based on the Illinois State Learning Standards. Visit their website...Illinois Learning Standards

 Many of our children need a little extra help with handwriting. Visit our Handwriting Help Page for tips, ideas and LOTS of print outs. 

 Try this page to help with Numeral Writing

 Help your child become a better writer. We strongly urge you to encourage your child to write his/her name using the D'Nealian print. Your child should have a name sample to practice from. We also have a link here to letter samples that you can print out and use at home with your child at home. 

 More Helpful Links....

*Chores and Children

*Children and Computers

* Helping Children Learn Responsible Behavior

* Tantrums

*Teaching Children Through Work & Play


 National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)  has a web page called Raising A Reader. Again, you'll find tips to help your child.


 Often, parents question the merits of such Centers as the Block Corner, NAEYC's article Block Play: Building a child's mind explains some of the benefits and skills developed during block play.

Ohio State University's article titled "Breakfast-Don't Leave Home Without" it is written to remind you of the effects skipping breakfast can have on your child's school day.


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This page is designed with you and your child in mind. There are several links that we think you may find helpful. We want you to have an understanding of some of the thinking that goes into the activities we plan for your child in Kindergarten. We hope you will take time to read these articles